DEDHAM — More than ever, uncertainty surrounds Rajon Rondo’s future with the Celtics, especially with the All-Star point guard’s contract expiring after this season.

Yet Danny Ainge continues to publicly reiterate that Rondo figures heavily into the team’s future, regardless of rumors contrary to that notion.

“We expect Rajon to be in Boston for the long term,” the Celtics president of basketball operations said Tuesday morning before a Shamrock Foundation golf tournament at the Dedham Country and Polo Club. “Does that need to be asked any more by anybody ever again?”

Celtics co-owner Wyc Grousbeck echoed Ainge.

“Absolutely it’s my goal to keep Rondo here,” Grousbeck said. “I think we all want that. And I actually honestly think — he should speak for himself — I think Rajon wants to stay or would be very happy to stay.

“And we’ll see how this season goes, and how the negotiations go, but he’s proud to be a Celtic. I know that. He’s proud to wear that ring and he deserved it.”

During an interview with WBZ-TV Sunday, Grousbeck called Rondo “super stubborn” and said, “I don’t know how coachable he really is . . . I know if you ask Doc [Rivers], was he the most coachable guy, or in the top half, 50 percent, he’d say no, he’s in the bottom 50 percent of being coachable. It’s hard with him.”

When asked about those comments Tuesday, Celtics coach Brad Stevens said, “I saw a report, but I didn’t see or hear the context, so it’s hard for me to say what exactly was said or to know exactly what context that was put in.

“He’s been around, he works hard, and he’s a guy that I’ve really enjoyed coaching.”

Though trade rumors long have surrounded Rondo, they figure to be even more present in the months …read more