On July 1, Senator Jeff Woodburn is kicking off an online campaign for the “Live free or die” state to join Maine, Vermont, and Massachusetts in legalizing marijuana. If re-elected, Woodburn plans to file legislation to legalize, regulate, and tax cannabis in 2019.

“It’s not too late to join our neighbors and many other states across the country,” says Woodburn. “New Hampshire adults deserve access to the health and wellness benefits and consistent quality, variety and safety of legalized cannabis, and all our citizens will benefit from associated job creation and other economic opportunities.”

Woodburn is looking to build a strong, organized campaign to showcase the broad support for legalizing cannabis in the state and developing a revenue stream that will keep the state on par with its neighbors. He hopes to deliver 5,000 signatures in support of the legislation to Governor Sununu on August 1.

“The governor and other politicians need to hear from the people that the time has come,” Woodburn said, “My focus is on strict regulation to keep marijuana away from minors and organized crime; closely regulated private cultivation, distribution and retail system with a local option to participate; taxation that is competitive with neighboring states; and a tax revenue plan that benefits children and families impacted by substance misuse and education.”

One of Woodburn’s main concerns is that if New Hampshire delays passing legislation much longer, the state will become irrevocably disadvantaged in the region. Along with the three New England states in which marijuana is already legal, Rhode Island, Connecticut and New York are considering legislation to legalize. Canada will formally legalize cannabis in October 2018.

“We can’t, and shouldn’t, fight against the tide –– especially when there is so much the state stands to gain through legalization,” says Woodburn. “We’re more pragmatic than that here and

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