The devastating wildfires that have ravaged the West Coast this week are posing a threat to Oregon’s marijuana industry.

The Oregonian, citing the Oregon Liquor Control Commission, reported that “an estimated 20 percent of state-licensed marijuana businesses – roughly 408 – face some level of evacuation,” which includes “stores, marijuana processors and producers.”

According to the newspaper, the Commission said “73 marijuana producers, most of them outdoor farms, have been ordered to evacuate,” with many of the operations affected concentrated in the southern portion of the state that the paper said is “synonymous with outdoor cannabis cultivation.”

“Early Wednesday, wildfires encroached on Josephine County’s Takilma, prompting an evacuation order of the counter-culture enclave long associated with cannabis…Josephine and Jackson counties are home to 62 percent of Oregon’s outdoor marijuana producers, according to the Oregon Liquor Control Commission,” the Oregonian’s report said.

Marijuana in Oregon

Oregon voters approved a measure in 2014 legalizing recreational marijuana use for adults. The state issued its first recreational licenses for dispensaries in October of 2016, and since then, the industry has swelled to one that generates major revenue for Oregon.

The Portland Business Journal reported in January that “Oregon recreational cannabis showed continued strength in

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