If you’re even a casual cannabis consumer, you’ll have probably heard the term ‘moon rocks’ doing the rounds. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean you’ve a clue what they are, what they do or whether you should care.

As far as advocates are concerned, however, it’s a pretty cut and shut deal.

What Are Moon Rocks?

You need only consider the composition of moon rocks to understand exactly what you’re looking at. Moon Rocks are made by taking potent buds of high-quality weed, before dipping them in hash oil and adding a final coating of kief. The result of which is one of the most explosively powerful bud-bombs imaginable, with a THC content that often exceeds 50%.

Which is, as you’ve probably figured out, more than twice the THC of even the strongest strains out there.

Unsurprisingly, the true origins of Moon rRcks are somewhat disputed. Nevertheless, West Coast rapper Kurupt is credited with bringing Moon Rocks to the attention of the mainstream market, having released the first commercial Moon Rocks under the moniker of ‘Kurupt Moonrocks’. The commercial cannabis market have been flooded with hundreds of variations on the original formula ever since.

As you’d expect, quality and potency varies

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