More marijuana business licenses are on the way, Massachusetts regulators said after granting the first retail license to Cultivate, a company in Leicester.

“Yes, of course it’s a milestone but every day is a milestone,” said Steve Hoffman, the chairman of the Cannabis Control Commission, the new agency tasked with overseeing the legalized marijuana industry in Massachusetts.

The retail license – a provisional one that came with conditions before a final license is issued – was issued alongside licenses for manufacturing and transportation.

“We’re making this thing work,” Hoffman said. “And it’s going to work out in a way that is going to work for the state, work for its citizens and be good for public health and public safety. And we’re making progress. So yeah, I think it’s a big day but it’s one of many big days and we have a lot more big days ahead of us.”

Cultivate received the retail license for selling recreational marijuana, while Sira Naturals, a company in Milford, received the manufacturing and transportation licenses. Sira received a cultivation license in June.

Cultivate will be selling recreational marijuana ‘very shortly,’ company president says

Cultivate operates a medical marijuana dispensary in Leicester. Sira Naturals runs dispensaries in Needham, Somerville and Cambridge.

Cultivate President Sam Barber told reporters he hopes to have its retail operation, which has received approvals from local officials, up and running in a couple of weeks. 

“I think the timetable is really at his control,” Hoffman said when asked about Barber’s comments. “I hope he’s right.”

The provisional retail license means that Barber must ensure that his medical marijuana facility has been built or modified for retail sales before he can get the final license. The Cannabis Control Commission will deploy inspectors to the facilities before voting to provide

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