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The planning and build-out of a greenhouse cultivation facility comes with a unique set of challenges—from finding the right master grower to designing the layout for highest efficiency and yield. Here, Nadia Sabeh, founder of consulting firm Dr. Greenhouse, discusses some of these factors and outlines common mistakes in greenhouse design.

Cannabis Business Times: What are some key considerations in greenhouse facility design that are most often overlooked?

Nadia Sabeh: Number one is not having a good and experienced grower during the design process as well as in the actual operation of the greenhouse. I find that a lot of people are looking for help in planning a greenhouse or designing a greenhouse, but they don’t have any grower expertise [or] someone to help guide the decisions around product flow, labor workflow [and] conditions they want to achieve inside the greenhouse, [including] operation setpoints and procedures, facility layout and workflow, equipment selections and helping investors [and] developers set realistic expectations about production rates and volume. 

One of the questions that I always ask a new client, whether it’s a greenhouse or indoor grow facility is, who is your grower? Do you have a grower? And if they say they have one and this person has experience, I feel more confident about the outcomes of that project than those projects where they say, “Well, we’ll find them later. That’s going to be easy.” Or [projects where the grower] came from [a] small indoor grow. What I’ve

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