On Thursday, Washington, DC may have become the medical marijuana mecca of the United States. Mayor Muriel Bowser announced that dispensaries in the nation’s capital will now accept valid medical marjiuana cards from any of the 27 states that have such systems.

“This emergency rulemaking is patient-centric,” the mayor stated in a press release. “It ensures medical marijuana patients from other states can obtain their needed medicine. It will also promote public safety by allowing visitors to obtain their medicine at one of the District’s six – soon to be seven – authorized dispensaries rather than forcing them to go without or patronizing the illegal market.”

Washington, DC already recognized the medical marijuana cards of 19 other states in its dispensaries. Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Nevada, New Mexico, New York, and Vermont have been officially added to the list of reciprocal acceptance, while Louisiana, Minnesota, Oklahoma, and West Virginia are still to be considered for acceptance in the District’s dispensaries.

Though she has not always been in favor of expanding access to cannabis in the District, recently the mayor has played a key role in pushing for DC legalization. In May, she introduced a bill called the Safe Cannabis Sales

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