With the advent of legal marijuana, Vermonter growers can now their stash tested to determine THC and CBD levels. Produced by Glenn Russell, Joel Banner Baird and Ryan Mercer/FREE PRESS, Burlington Free Press

Photo shows hands rolling a marijuana cigarette.(Photo: Special to the Des Moines Register)

Vermont is the ninth state in the nation, and the third in New England, to legalize adult marijuana use.

Don’t expect Vermont to turn into Colorado overnight. Vermont’s framework will look a lot closer to what Massachusetts and Maine have had in place for the last year and a half.

Personal use of marijuana became legal in Massachusetts in December 2016, and Maine lifted its penalties in January 2017, shortly after voters in those states approved ballot initiatives.

“I would say that what Vermont’s done is very similar to what the first phase has been in every other state other than Washington state, which did not allow home cultivation,” said Matt Simon, New England political director for the Marijuana Policy Project.

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Unlike its New England neighbors, Vermont has not committed to allowing adults to buy marijuana from licensed businesses. Vermont’s law, which takes effect July 1, only removes penalties for adults who are at least 21 years old and want to grow a small number of plants and possess a small amount of marijuana.

California, Nevada, Massachusetts and Maine are joining Colorado, Washington, Oregon and Alaska in legalizing recreational marijuana. (Photo: (Graphic: James Hoyt))

Vermont’s law is also more cautious than some other states when it comes to the number of plants and

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