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Top wine list is a reviewed wine selection provided by experts in their field. This Top Wine List is for the vino connoisseur, guys getting ready for a date, or the lady that loves wine and wants to try new things. There are only a few on the list compared to the tens of thousands of different wines out there. Currently there is no Canna Vino that we know of. The many types of wines, such as cabernet sauvignon or pinot noirs that’s true judges are truly left to the lips of the beholder, however we narrowed a few good wines down by quality and price to put your lips in the right direction.

Five Recommended Cabernet Sauvignon Wine under twenty dollars are:

1. Hanna Cabernet Sauvignon – Dry and tannic, this wine still has a velvety mouth feel where the blackberry and cherry flavors add a brown sugary edge.

2. Columbia Crest H3 Cabernet Sauvignon – An aromatic offering of Cabernet with notes of char, butterscotch, vanilla and cherry with an underlay of herbs.

3. Decoy Cabernet Sauvignon – Aromas of blackberry, boysenberry, cigar box, toffee and mint lead to fresh dark berry and red currant flavors and hints of dried herbs.

4. Ménage A Trios Cabernet Sauvignon – This Cabernet is a blend of grapes from three California growing regions: Sonoma, Lake and Napa counties. It has sweet, dark berry flavors and is aged in French and American oak barrels.

5. J. Lohr Seven Oaks Cabernet Sauvignon – Ripe fruit aromas of black plum, blueberry and cherry mix with a bouquet of toasted pastry, anise, and vanilla from a year of barrel aging.

2 Great Wines under $10

Great Wines under $10 are rare. We have found two that kicked butt in a blind tastes judged by wine snobs. These include:

1. Concha y Toro Casillero Del Diablo Cabernet Sauvigno

2. Rio Madrid RIOJA

3 Top Rated Pinot Noirs

3 Top Rated Pinot Noirs that come highly recommended are shown below. These all break out of the under $20 range, however they are worth it.

1. Belle Glos – Pinot Noir – By Clark & Telephone

2. NATIVE – Pinot Noir – Rancho Ontiveros Vineyards

3. WRATH – Pinot Noir – Monterey

Top Wine List is concluded for now. Enjoy with you friends at wine night. If you see the Canna-Vino pop, tell us. Otherwise, please feel free to comment, complain, and contribute to this growing guide of top wines.