CANNABIS CULTURE – As compiled by the Author.

Hoping to fill his last moments with  poetry and pathos, a drowning man recounts his highest highs.  This wild story of adventures in the counterculture pits depression vs. hope, love vs. loneliness, wonder vs. regret, and getting high vs. falling low.   ‘420 Reasons Not to Suicide’  is a manic romp down a smoke clouded memory lane, full of laughter, longing, and lots of leafy greens. Warning: may cause munchies.  Find  out now if ‘420 Reasons Not to Suicide’ is right for you.  Neff Lind is an award winning screenwriter and published poet.  He lives in Southern Illinois with two cats, one dog, and one partner.  You can follow him on twitter at: @LindNeff  This is his first novel.

10.) Wild Women

420 Reasons…’ has more wild women per page than anything you’ll read this year.  And I’m not talking like girls gone wild.  I mean women.  Wild ones.  Like Fleur, a thugged out white girl, who tazes anyone who might play her for a fool, and soothes her broken heart by shooting her pistol at the moon.  Or Rebecca, a billionaire’s daughter, who spins donuts in the parking lot when

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