Cannabis strain popularity varies hugely from one US region to the next. Likewise, just because a cannabis strain is popular doesn’t necessarily make it the ‘best’ on the market. Hence, we’re being diplomatic with this one, focusing on the best-selling strains in the US right now.

Medical and recreational cannabis legalisation has transformed the face of American cannabis culture like never before. Contrary to the cries of critics, the legalisation of recreational pot hasn’t led to anarchy and the end of days. In fact, it’s actually led to a decrease in teen and adolescent cannabis use in some circles.

But what’s also been spurred by liberal pot policy is a wave of experimentation and genetic engineering. Every day sees dozens of weird and wonderful new strains hit the market – some of which are more successful than others.

Still, there are certain household names in the US that continue to dominate the legal cannabis market. As things stand right now, the following six strains are outselling pretty much everything else by a significant margin:

Blue Dream (Pictured)

Right off the bat, Blue Dream is perhaps the most successful and popular sativa hybrid of all time. It’s also been the

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