In my last post I reported the Mexican Senate’s refusal in its just-ended legislative session to address the Supreme Court’s 2018 directive to pass reforms legalizing recreational use of cannabis.

Unless you are a Mexican Senator or Supreme Court Justice, you probably don’t have too many levers you can pull to speed the implementation of legislation that will underpin the development of a legal cannabis industry. However, there are things you can do to put yourself in position to take advantage when cannabis is finally fully legalized.

Remember, medical cannabis is already fully legal (i.e., not only provided for in a general statute, but accompanied by implementing regulations) in Mexico. As we reported here, Mexico’s Medical Regulations deal with:

the control, promotion and sanitary supervision of cannabis raw materials, pharmacological derivatives and medicines, governing activities including primary production for manufacturing supply; raw material generation for research and seed production; health and pharmacological research; manufacturing of pharmacological derivatives and medicines; medical activities related to diagnoses, therapeutic care, rehabilitation and palliative care, and; importation, exportation and marketing of medical cannabis products.

Individuals and companies can conduct all these activities with the relevant licenses or permits.

And yet, regulatory agencies have not

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