Friday, March 30, 2018

John Tassoni

Former State Senator John Tassoni, who is the Director of Government Relations for the Substance Use and Mental Health Leadership Council of Rhode Island, appeared on GoLocal LIVE at the Rhode Island State House were he spoke to the Council’s 2018 legislative agenda — which includes legislation to ensure that providers are paid in a timely manner.

Tassoni also spoke to what he said he sees as the significant impact on the state from both expanding gaming opportunities leading to problem gambling as well as the proposals to expand the state’s medical marijuana program, which he said he sees as a pathway to

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Sample: N=403

Rhode Island General Election Voters Margin of Error: +/- 4.9% at 95% Confidence Level

Interviewing Period: October 9-11, 2017

Mode: Landline (61%) and Mobile (39%)

Telephone Directed by: John Della Volpe, SocialSphere, Inc.

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Are you registered to vote at this address?

Yes: 100%

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When it comes to voting, do you consider yourself to be affiliated with the Democratic Party, the Republican Party, Moderate, or Unaffiliated with a major party?

Unaffiliated: 49%

Democrat: 32%

Republican: 15%

Moderate: .4%

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Next year, in November of 2018, there will be a statewide general election for Governor and many other state offices. How likely is it that you will vote in this election?

Will you definitely be voting, will you probably be voting, are you 50-50…

Definitely be voting: 78%

Probably be voting: 13%

50-50: 9%

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In general, would you say things in Rhode Island are headed in the right direction or

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