A dispensary the Planning Commission rejected for being too close to another just won an appeal before the Board of Supervisors, but some Vis Valley residents complained that it’s corporate weed in sheep’s clothing.

Way back in the medical marijuana days of 2017, we told you the story of two dispensaries proposed on the same block in Visitacion Valley. Once medical marjuana transitioned to what we now call “recreational cannabis,” one of those two called Elevated SF opened in 2018 on Bayshore Boulevard. The other appeared doomed this past May 27, when the Planning Commission denied their request on the basis that it would violate the local law that you can’t have two cannabis dispensaries within 600 feet of one another. The Planning Commission rejected it by a 4-3 vote, saying “it would create an undue concentration of cannabis retail uses on the subject block.”

But that proposed dispensary at 5 Leland Avenue won on appeal, as the Board of Supervisors voted 10-1 Tuesday to overturn the Planning Commission ruling and let that cannabis shop open.

Image: Board of Supervisors packet

“There are many vacancies on the Leland corridor today,” the dispensary’s co-owner Joseph Reiss told the Board, presenting the slide above. “When it

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