Stateside for Friday, May 7, 2021

Today, on Stateside, misinformation about the COVID-19 vaccine and fertility has made some people hesitant to get a shot. We’ll talk to a doctor about how the rumor started and what she’s telling patients. Plus, in a year of social distance, one college lecturer connected to her students through letters.  

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Straight talk from Henry Ford doctor about COVID vaccines and fertility

Stateside’s conversation with Dr. D’Angela Pitts

Dr. D’Angela Pitts is a maternal fetal medicine specialist with Henry Ford Health System. Read Henry Ford Health System’s debunking of the COVID vaccine fertility myth here.

UM lecturer uses letters to connect with her students beyond a Zoom screen 

Stateside’s conversation with Margot Finn

Margot Finn is a lecturer in the University of Michigan’s Applied Liberal Arts program.  Read Margot Finn’s end-of-semester letter to her students here.

Cheers! Asparagus in your cocktail. Really?

Lester and Tammy

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