State Police: Annual Roadcheck nets nearly 800 violations

This past week the Rhode Island State Police Department along with inspectors from local police departments inspected more than 400 commercials vehicles in three days.

The annual roadcheck took place from Tuesday through Thursday and yielded nearly 800 violations.

Inspectors found 565 vehicle violations and 116 driver violations. In addition, two drivers were arrested for driving with a suspended license, while a third was issued a summons for marijuana possession.

State police report 62 vehicles were taken out of service for major defects like flat tires, inoperable turn signals, break lights, air breaks or out of adjustment. Also 24 drivers were taken out of service for violating that ranged from driving too many hours to not maintain proper log books.

In addition 13 failed to stop for the roadside inspections and 4 weren’t wearing their seatbelts.

Police say vehicles take out of service for major issues would have to prove they have been resolved before being allowed to return.

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