ST. LOUIS • A St. Louis County man whose marijuana conspiracy funded a “lifestyle of luxury” that led to an appearance on a reality show and travel around the world was sentenced Friday to 15 years in prison.

U.S. District Judge Audrey Fleissig blasted Thomas G. “Tommy” Anderson Jr. in court for running his drug trafficking organization in an “arrogant and flaunting manner,” adding that she’d seen no remorse, no effort to turn his life around and nothing but a continuance of the arrogant manner since his indictment. She would later call it “appalling.”

Anderson, she said, had been raised in a good home with an opportunity to go to college, but instead used that opportunity to begin dealing marijuana to Mizzou students.

He would eventually supply thousands of pounds of high-grade pot to St. Louis and other cities.

Prosecutors say he used the proceeds to visit California, Boston, Cancun, the United Arab Emirates; Medellin, Columbia; and Sao Paolo, Brazil, where he stayed in “extravagant hotel suites” and went on “incredible shopping sprees” of as much as $12,000 a month on his Nordstrom credit card.

He spent money on bodyguards nicknamed “Bigg” and “Conflict,” and on gambling, tour buses and a twin-engine plane that he used to fly money and drugs around the country, they said, including to Creve Coeur Airport.

He also had pot shipped in storage pods, tires, water heaters, air compressors and furniture a co-defendant bought while antiquing in California.

Anderson’s lifestyle led him to Boston, where he dated aspiring actress and reality show star Noelle Trudeau. She broke up with him on her show, citing a lifestyle and friends that were “out of control.”

Justin Gelfand, one of Anderson’s lawyers, asked for 10 years in prison, saying there was no evidence that Anderson possessed firearms,

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