Millions of Americans are confined to their homes due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and that has apparently been good for the cannabis industry. 

Headset, a cannabis market research company, has been monitoring how the outbreak has affected marijuana businesses around the world. On Tuesday, it reported that marijuana inventory levels had declined in most states because consumers were purchasing at higher rates than usual. In California, for example, a typical marijuana retailer had enough cannabis inventory to last nearly five weeks; now, as a result of increased demand, those retailers have enough for 3.6 weeks. The story is the same in Washington, which along with Colorado became one of the first two states to vote to legalize recreational pot use for adults back in 2012. There, retailers had enough inventory to last five-and-a-half weeks before the coronavirus pandemic; now, they have enough for 4.4. 

There is an exception to the trend: Nevada, where marijuana retailers have apparently been hurt by an abrupt drop in foot traffic. COVID-19 has forced the Las Vegas strip to go dark, turning an area normally teeming with tourists into a relative ghost town. Nevada marijuana retailers now have enough inventory to last 13.8 weeks, nearly

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