SMITHFIELD, RI—Both the Smithfield police and the North Providence police had been looking at Anthony H. Valerio, 26. The police figured he was responsible for the cocaine that was turning up in their towns. On Wednesday, shortly before 9 p.m., officers arrested Valerio after a traffic stop on Douglas Pike. They had a search warrant to go through his car. They also had a search warrant for his home in North Providence.

Police say they found drugs, cash, a scale and packaging materials. Specifically, they allege finding 10 grams of cocaine and 17 grams of marijuana.

North Providence police are charging him with narcotics offenses (Possession of Cocaine w/Intent to Deliver and Possession of Less Than 1 Ounce of Marijuana). Smithfield police charged him with Possession of Cocaine w/Intent to Deliver and Possession of Cocaine.

He was due in district court on Thursday for his arraignment, police said,

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