Here’s everything you need to know about your pet’s exposure to cannabis and accidental intake of your edibles and pots

Have you seen and watched hilarious photos and videos of pets getting high after accidentally eating their owner’s edibles and pots

These animals either ate or got their paws into their owner’s marijuana showing signs of highness, difficulties in walking, and even inability to stand. But have you ever thought of what the effects would be if your pets have accidentally eaten or got into your marijuana?

If you own a pet and or have cannabis at home, this guide will help you know more about the effects of smoking with your pets around. This will also show what you have to do when your pet accidentally eats one or even more of your edibles.

Pets, mostly dogs, love treats and you’ll never know if your pots are safe around them. Worst case, it might be poisonous to them and even lead to serious conditions so stick with me and be sure to keep rollin’ until the end of this blog.


Way back to 1500 BCE, the first traces of edibles were discovered in India in a drink

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