Ranking the Boston Celtics' Most Tradeable Assets
John Minchillo/Associated Press
Jeff Green and Rajon Rondo are very tradeable pieces.

The roster that the Boston Celtics have assembled thus far isn’t exactly enviable. There are some perks, but for the most part, a few trades must still be made in order to put together a real, competitive contender.

Right now, the Celtics have improved in some small areas and will likely reap the benefits of a healthy Rajon Rondo. Still, the team doesn’t appear destined for a playoff spot as currently constituted. However, there is plenty of time to make a move or two.

Danny Ainge has a franchise chock-full of tradeable assets that individually are valuable but together don’t make up a winning team.

He has young talent, established talent, first-round picks and expiring contracts. Whether he uses them now or allows things to roll over into next summer remains to be seen. However, should he choose to start wheeling and dealing in the offseason’s final months, it would be useful to know what he can get for each of these numerous assets.

Some could potentially bring back sizable and game-changing returns. Others would just be useful to get rid of. From top to bottom, Boston’s most useful trade piece is its assets’ versatility.

Likely Untradeable

Brian Babineau/Getty Images

The Boston Celtics do have a few pieces that are likely untradeable at this point.

Avery Bradley: If the Celtics didn’t want Avery Bradley, they wouldn’t have re-signed him to a four-year contract that will pay him $32 million. Bradley is in Boston to stay for now.

Marcus Smart: With all the positive reviews about Smart so far and the possibility that Rajon Rondo will be traded or leave in free agency next summer, the Celtics aren’t going …read more