Police in Scituate have seized $30,000 in drugs, thousands of dollars in cash, body armor, a crossbow and pellet guns from a man also accused of sexually assaulting a minor.

Michael Tibbets, 23, is facing a slew of criminal charges after a narcotics investigation by Scituate Police and a child abuse investigation sparked by the Department of Children and Families led to his arrest on Wednesday.

Tibbets allegedly ran a large-scale drug distribution and THC oil manufacturing operation out of a home at 18 Country Way in Scituate, police said.

“Scituate Police Detectives had received many complaints from citizens, anonymous sources and neighbors regarding alleged drug dealing at the Country Way address,” police wrote in a Facebook post. “Witnesses had alleged that people were seen coming and going from the house on a regular basis and believed that someone was dealing drugs from the residence.”

Those complaints led to a months-long investigation into the drug dealing, as a Scituate school resource officer worked with DCF on a parallel investigation into Tibbets’ alleged sexual assault of a child under the age of 14.

Both investigations came to a head this week, when police filed sexual assault charges against Tibbets and on Wednesday executed a search warrant at the Country Way home.

After Tibbets was taken into custody, officers searched the house — and allegedly found evidence of substantial drug selling and manufacturing operation.

“Inside the Country Way residence a large amount of evidence was seized which included large amounts of packaging material, scales, marijuana, oil extract THC, THC vape cartridges, and THC infused liquid drinks that were intended for sale,” police wrote. “Several hundred plastic bottles, caps, and labels were located in the attic area of the home along with Pyrex cooking trays, crock-pots and large liquid containers. Police also seized three

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