SANTA ANA, Calif. — Santa Ana Mayor Vicente Sarmiento walked inside Planet 13 Orange County, the city’s newest cannabis dispensary and marveled at the eclectic design.

Since allowing the sale of recreational cannabis for adults in 2017, Santa Ana has positioned itself as Orange County’s leader in the industry. And now, at the VIP and media preview of the Planet 13 Orange County, Sarmiento sees this newest dispensary as a business generating tourist attraction that could provide jobs and more revenue for the city.

What You Need To Know Planet 13 Orange County, the largest cannabis dispensary in the state, is set to open on July 1
Santa Ana’s mayor said the new cannabis superstore would provide much-needed jobs and revenue for the city
Since allowing retail cannabis to operate in 2017, Santa Ana has received more than $30 million in sales tax and other fees from those businesses
An Orange County grand jury investigated Santa Ana’s retail cannabis operations and found it did not increase crime in the city

“We know this is going to be a real asset to the community, create jobs and generate revenue for our city, which means we

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