A company launched a weed-infused beverage as an alternative to alcoholThe product, called California Dreamin’,  contains enough THC to make people ‘mildly high’Medical experts are worried the soda product could end up in childrens’ hands

Cannabis-infused soda has sparked outrage in California with critics worried they may end up in children’s hands.

The Seven Cities Beverage Company claims their product, called California Dreamin’, is simply fruit juice, carbonation and the right amount of THC – the chemical compound in cannabis – to get people mildly high, not ‘Cheech and Chonged.’

This comes shortly California legalized the recreational use of marijuana earlier this year, following months of debate including fears that it may make it easier for children to accidentally take the drug.

The new product has been slammed as the exact type of thing health professionals feared:the pot-containing drink could be mistaken for a regular bottle of soda.

A California-based launched a cannabis -infused soda  in an effort to provide an alternative to alcohol

Jennifer Jordan, whose company Diamond Bonsai, was one of the first to carry California Dreamin’, said one drink, which can be ordered online or sold at shops licensed to sell cannabis, contains less THC than a joint.

‘A lot of the drinks that are on the market are 100 milligrams and for people who smoke or who are used to THC,’ said Jordan. ‘It’s not only natural and has a delicious flavor, but it’s 10 milligrams, so it’s a low-dose. It’s not intimidating to anyone, so you can casually drink it.’ 

Manufacturers of the drink are marketing it as an alternative to alcoholic drinks.

Dr Noemi Spinazzi, pediatrician at UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital Oakland, said the design of the cannabis-containing drinks

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