An Oregon man has been sentenced to eight years in prison for possessing medical marijuana he purchased legally in his home state.  Patrick Beadle, 46, was sentenced to eight years in prison without the possibility of parole in Madison County, Mississippi last week.

In March 2017, Beadle was driving through Mississippi when he was pulled over by police for crossing a lane line, “a useful pretext for police who are racial profiling,” according to the ACLU. Police then searched Beadle’s car, claiming they smelled marijuana, and found 2.89 of cannabis wrapped in three plastic packages. Because of the amount of cannabis discovered, Beadle was charged with a drug trafficking charge– possession with intent to sell or distribute.

Beadle, who is a Rastafarian musician and registered medical marijuana patient in Oregon, said that he purchased the cannabis there legally and that it was for his personal use. However, in July he was tried and convicted by an all-white jury after 25 minutes of deliberation.

Mother Pleads For Leniency

At a sentencing hearing Beadle’s mother, Tommy Beadle, asked Madison County Circuit Judge William Chapman to be lenient on her son because he is not a drug dealer.

“Judge, I’m asking you for mercy for

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