CANNABIS CULTURE – Last week, Ontario’s government came out with a series of rules meant to bust up the cannabis monopolies that are developing under legalization.  

Most notably, the regulations limit federally licensed producers like, Aurora and Tilray, to operating a single store, and bar them from partnering with a licensed retailer in Ontario beyond a 9.9% ownership stake.

“It’s actually looking pretty good” noted Cannabis Culture CEO, Jeremiah Vandermeer, on last Friday’s episode of Cannabis Culture News. “What’s funny about Ontario is that it started as being probably the worst of all the regulations across the country in terms of provincial control and now it might be the best”.

The objective of the new policy is to provide a competitive advantage to small businesses while still meeting supply, but was still met by mixed enthusiasm from the cannabis community.

“There’s a couple of little things that aren’t so great,” admitted Vandermeer.

On the one hand, it is markedly better than the alternative which had been proposed by the previous Liberal government in the province, which was to open a total of 150 government-monopoly Ontario Cannabis Stores (OCS) across the province over three years. Given that there were an

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