New Mexico could be in trouble when it comes to cannabis availability. In a recent hearing, experts stated that New Mexico will likely run out of recreational cannabis product within the first week of when sales go live.

Linda Trujillo, Superintendent of the Regulation and Licensing Department, spoke with the Economic Development and Policy Committee on July 26 and stated that it’s likely the state will experience what she refers to as “Krispy Kreme syndrome”—or high demand at the opening of a Krispy Kreme franchise.

Obviously referring to the future of cannabis sales, Trujillo said that they anticipate not having enough product to meet demand by the time the program launches next year. “It’s highly likely we will run out of cannabis in the first week, if not the first two weeks,” she said in the meeting. Her information is based on the first few weeks of other states’ recreational cannabis launch programs.

According to Trujillo’s estimate, the state would need to make sure it has grown 500,000 plants in order to meet the expected demand. It isn’t as easy as growing that amount though; Trujillo also noted that they should account for at least an 18 percent growth failure rate.

New Mexico Gets Ready

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