Less than a week after voters in New Jersey resoundingly passed a measure to legalize adult use marijuana, lawmakers in the state moved forward on plans to implement the new law.

A pair of related bills passed out of two separate legislative committees on Monday, the Senate Judiciary and Assembly Oversight committees, with the aim to implement Question 1, the legalization measure that was approved overwhelmingly last week at the ballot box. 

According to NORML, the pair of companion bills “would allow adults 21 and older to legally possess and purchase up to one ounce of marijuana,” as established by last week’s ballot question, while also allowing “for home delivery, on-site consumption, protections for employees, students, parents, tenants, and those needing organ transplants, among other provisions.”

Still, disagreements and hurdles remain. NORML noted that lawmakers “failed to include provisions allowing adults to cultivate marijuana for personal use,” while the Asbury Park Press reported that lawmakers “may put an additional tax on legal weed and dedicate revenue to social service programs after hearing hours of complaints Monday.”

The Asbury Park Press said that Monday featured “lengthy hearings” in the state capital of Trenton, “which drew dozens of people to testify in

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