At 10 a.m. on Monday, New Jersey Senate and Assembly committees opened a hearing to discuss and debate legalizing cannabis for adults. On the table is the “Marijuana Legalization Act,” a legislative blueprint that would not only create a multi-billion-dollar legal cannabis industry, but also expunge low-level marijuana convictions and arrest records. Today’s public hearing comes after months of closed-door negotiations over the bill. And by 4 p.m., lawmakers expect to hold a vote on the bill, which means New Jersey could take its first step toward legalization this afternoon.

New Jersey Lawmakers are Debating Adult-Use Legalization Right Now

The New Jersey statehouse is packed. For the past few hours, lawmakers have been intensely debating New Jersey bill S2703, the “Marijuana Legalization Act.” If lawmakers vote to pass the bill, they will have taken a major first step toward establishing a regulated adult-use cannabis industry in New Jersey. For the rest of the afternoon, lawmakers will debate the particulars of the bill as well as whether or not to approve it, hoping to bring the bill to a vote before the end the day.

Some key fault lines have already emerged between lawmakers in favor of the bill and those

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