NORTH KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Just like shopping online for household items or groceries, cannabis can now be added to that list.

With the ever-expanding industry in Missouri, customers don’t even need to step foot in a dispensary to get the product they need.

It’s as easy as scrolling through one’s phone.

“That’s actually some of the biggest hang-up, people not knowing the access they have to it or having the transportation to do so,” said Zack Owens, regional manager of BesaMe Wellness. “So, with us bringing it right to their door, we now can provide that for people that it was never an option before this moment.”

BesaMe Wellness has several dispensaries around the Kansas City metro. They were the first to start delivering cannabis in Missouri, but industry experts say it’ll quickly expand.

“The hardest part is all the different moving pieces that the state wants compliant-wise as we’re keeping it safe,” said Aaron Turvey, BesaMe’s director of transportation.

Cannabis delivery is a regulated process through the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services.

After registering — linking a medicinal card and payment method — customers are set.

If someone can’t scan and upload documentation, Owens said they can help.

“We do have a team that

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