State officials in Michigan are encouraging medicinal cannabis retailers to have their vape cartridges tested for heavy metals after lead was detected in some products. In a public health and safety bulletin issued on April 12, the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs reported that the Bureau of Marijuana Regulation (BMR) had identified the contaminated vape cartridges when lab test results were entered into the statewide monitoring system. The tainted products were subsequently destroyed, according to state regulators. The bureau also urged medical marijuana dispensaries to have their product on hand tested and noted that consumers could do the same.

“BMR encourages all licensed provisioning centers to have their vape cartridges tested. Patients and Caregivers who would like to have cartridges tested, at their own expense, can take them to a licensed safety compliance facility,” the bulletin advises.

The bureau has updated regulations to require samples of vape cartridges to undergo lab testing after they are filled. Previous rules only mandated testing for the cannabis oil used to fill cartridges.

Research Finds Heavy Metals in E-Cigarettes

The advisory noted that a Johns Hopkins University study released last year found that lead and other toxic metals including chromium, manganese, and nickel

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