A company that was awarded a medical marijuana dispensary license in Lowell and is vying for two more in Massachusetts appears to have overstated the scope of its operations at a counseling and research program for HIV and AIDS patients at dispensaries it owns in other cities.

The company, known in Massachusetts as Patriot Care Corp., said in its application for a Massachusetts license that the AIDS program was “in place” in other cities, including Washington, D.C., but company officials provided conflicting accounts this week about whether the program is indeed operating.

“It is not operating in DC yet very simply due to the fact we do not have enough patients,” Patriot Care spokesman Dennis Kunian said Wednesday. And it has yet to be launched in other cities, he said

Kunian said the company did not mislead Massachusetts health regulators by stating the program was “in place,” because it had been organized and was “ready to go” once there were enough patients.

A day later, after the Globe called regulators in Washington and Massachusetts, Patriot Care’s officials made an abrupt about face and offered a different account, saying a pilot program had been running since the dispensary opened in Washington.

They were, however, unable to say how many patients have received counseling or other services from the AIDS and HIV program.

The program, Integrated Medical Marijuana and Care program or IMMAC, was to be the cornerstone of the company’s operations in Washington, helping to “redefine the concept of a model dispensary,” according to its application submitted to city regulators in November 2011.

IMMAC would provide “comprehensive and individualized counseling and treatment plans for each patient” and also monitor whether patients were taking medications prescribed by their physicians, according to the application. The company assured Washington regulators that it would be running when the company …read more