Brian Lee Telegram & Gazette Staff @BLeeTG

WEBSTER – The leader of a medical marijuana growing facility indicated his company’s likely interest in cultivating cannabis for adult recreational users.

For the past year, Curaleaf Massachusetts has made medical marijuana in its high-end grow facility at 30 Worcester Road.

If the company ventures into recreational pot, it would continue to grow and send the product to its stores in other towns. But it would not sell directly to consumers in Webster, company CEO Patrik Jonsson said during a hearing Monday night at Point Breeze Restaurant.

The company would seek an indoor cultivation license and a manufacturing license, Mr. Jonsson said. Those licenses would allow the company to extract oil from its core product to make other recreational marijuana products, Mr. Jonsson said.

Curaleaf is also a registered marijuana dispensary that has been operating in Hanover since October. It aims to open a second dispensary in Oxford, but that effort has been delayed because two recent snowstorms prevented state Department of Public Health inspections, Mr. Jonsson said.

The state recently completed regulations for recreational marijuana, after Massachusetts voters approved of legalizing it in October 2016.

As an existing operator in Webster, Mr. Jonsson said, his company could receive a priority review of its application for Webster. It has to submit paperwork by April 1.

From Webster’s perspective, nothing would change operationally, Mr. Jonsson said, adding, “I’d like to think nobody has heard anything negative about us, or you might not even know we’re here.”

Under the medical marijuana agreement, Curaleaf made a semiannual payment of $25,000 to Webster in October, and its second such payment is due next month. This is on top of what it pays in taxes and a $25,000 yearly contribution to local charities.

Mr. Jonsson said the company

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