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MAPLEWOOD, NJ — A medical marijuana dispensary opened on Springfield Avenue in Maplewood on May 7, expanding the footprint of where residents in the area can legally buy marijuana. The Apothecarium is the dispensary’s second location in New Jersey; the first is in Phillipsburg, with other branches in Pennsylvania, Nevada and California.

“It’s a welcoming town; it’s a very progressive town,” Diana McElroy, the company’s community outreach specialist, said in an interview with the News-Record on May 6. “Most people are pro medical use and adult use. We liked the diversity.”

Springfield Avenue in Maplewood is largely a business district; McElroy said other business owners on the street and in the rest of the area have been largely supportive of the Apothecarium.

“We were in touch with everyone,” she said. “I’ve met a lot of business owners, individuals and town officials. I would say the No. 1 question we got was about when we were opening. The town has been supportive.”

McElroy described the store as functioning like an Apple store; customers enter a showroom and a salesperson will assist them with finding what products they want to buy. Online ordering with express pickup

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