Neuroprotective antioxidant. Opioid alternative. Liver disease avoidant. Cancer cell destroyer. Anxiety buster. Insomnia solution. The potential utility of cannabinoids as an alternative solution to many of our health issues is breathtaking, both in its effectiveness and for its sheer breadth. Cannabis’ potential to optimize human health is finally starting to be realized, and now that the research genie is coming out of the bottle it will be impossible to continue containing it. Medical Cannabis is now legal in 29 states, and decriminalized recreational use is starting to pick up state legislative steam as well.

The world of Medical Cannabis is as varied as it is infinite, like so many things regarding our sacred Ganja plant. From its genotypes to its turpines and trichomes, the sheer variety of different Cannabis plant strains alone can be mind-boggling! When you add the complexity of symptomatic treatments for different medical conditions, it can make trying to make informed decisions regarding these treatments difficult to say the least. What I’m hoping to do here is provide a conduit for a shared journey of discovery, where we can highlight and discuss a curated selection of contemporary medical studies, that are offering promising treatments for many different ailments.

Before we start that journey, let’s take a look at where we’ve come from. Back before it was demonized by a small cadre of special interests, Cannabis was the active ingredient in, by many estimates, over 30,000 different over-the-counter patent remedies in the United States! These special interests put “marijuana” (a convenient word used to play the race card against Mexicans) onto Schedule I of the Controlled Substance Act, as having “no medical value”. It took the citizenry quite a while before they realized that they’d been duped, that the demon weed marijuana and the Cannabis they had been

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