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EAST PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — He was a rising star in the Democratic Party back in 2006, then he disappeared from politics.

Now, Matt Brown may be running as an independent in the next Rhode Island gubernatorial election.

In this week’s episode of  Newsmakers, Brown said he hasn’t made a final decision yet on if he will run for Governor, but when asked about where he stands on important issues in Rhode Island, it’s clear he will be joining the current candidates.

“We’re going to need to be bold, we’re going to need to wake up,” Brown said.

While the former Democratic Secretary of State left his old party, he still tends to lean left on many issues. When asked where he stands on abortion, he said he is a pro-choice. When asked if he supports or opposes the legalization of marijuana, he said he supports it. And when asked if he supports or opposes the ban of semi-automatic rifles in the state, he says he supports it.

Brown also opposes a proposed gas fired power plant in Burrillville, saying the answer to energy is a state run bank that would invest in green energy projects, where Rhode Islanders themselves would feel a profit.

“We ought to do it in a way that not only corporations and banks own it and get profits but the people of the state do, that we give them a stake the way they do in Alaska,” Brown said.

Brown declined to answer who he voted for in the 2016 presidential election, but acknowledged that he sees similarities between his message and the one put forward by Bernie Sanders.

Candidates have until the end of June to declare their run for governor.

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