The Cannabis Control Commission won’t issue the first marijuana business license in Massachusetts until the end of next week at the earliest, and regulators already have more than 50 applications waiting for their consideration.

The commission was given authority on Friday to issue licenses to grow, sell and process marijuana, but the agency’s executive director said Tuesday that applications will be ready for commissioners’ review “within the next few weeks.” The CCC meets next on June 14 and expects retail sales to begin July 1.

Already, 28 entities have applied for 51 business licenses and the CCC has begun to review those applications. The review process includes a background check and a 60-day window during which the municipality in which the business hopes to locate must certify that the applicant has met all local requirements.

“There are a lot of qualifications I would put on this, which is we are waiting for information back from those third parties including municipalities and our background check vendor … assuming all of those things come back, within the next few weeks we could have a number of applications to recommend for provisional licensure,” CCC Executive Director Shawn Collins said Tuesday.

Asked after Tuesday’s meeting, CCC Chairman Steven Hoffman said he is “pretty confident” the agency will grant licenses this month, to allow businesses to open on or around the July 1 target date for legal marijuana sales.

“I think we’re on schedule. I think that we are comfortable that we are processing applications and at the timeframe that we committed to and the timeframe required by law,” he said.

While talking to reporters after the meeting, Hoffman said, “I think we’re on track, again whether that means stores are open on July 1 or shortly thereafter, I don’t know because we’re dependent on

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