Massachusetts: First State to Propose Social Marijuana Use

BOSTON, Mass. – Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission is expected to come up with a decision later this month in connection with the draft regulation involving the current proposal that would allow social marijuana consumption in cannabis cafes legal. In light of this, if the proposal passes, Massachusetts will be the first state in the United States of America to legalize cannabis social consumption.

In the status quo, social marijuana consumption is considered legal. However, the said state has strict and rigid laws regarding where adults can consume marijuana. Therefore, while smoking pot is legal per se, cannabis consumption in public is still considered illegal.

Hence, the above-mentioned proposal, which legalizes social consumption in cannabis cafes. Social consumption sites or the cannabis cafes would have to obtain a license from the Commission and adhere to the guidelines stipulated in the proposal.

The cannabis cafes will be considered the only place where adults can gather to buy and legally consume marijuana besides their private residences. In addition to this, the proposal stipulates that cafes should be delimited to adults only; hence, minors are strictly not allowed to have access to marijuana or near the cafe’s vicinity.

Moreover, the cafes are prohibited from serving alcohol, as per the proposal. Extra measures are required, which will have even higher standard than bars that serve alcohol. Also, the business has the responsibility of securing a plan to get the intoxicated patrons home, ensuring not just their safety, but also of others.

Cannabis Control Commission proposes two kinds of licenses to be obtained in order to legalize social consumption. First, being the one described above, and another one being a mixed-license, wherein a business can sell marijuana as a side line.

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