A collaboration between the Lyme Awareness of Cape Cod and Triple M dispensary, a medical marijuana dispensary in Mashpee, is touting the benefits of cannabis to help patients with Lyme disease.

“The proof is there,” said Ronald F. Gangemi, founder of the Mashpee-based awareness group.

Lyme Awareness opened what is believed to be the nation’s first wellness center dedicated to treating Lyme disease in 2015 at Trinity Place. The center helps connect patients to a variety of treatment options, from finding physicians to introducing alternative approaches such as yoga and infrared saunas.

Based on feedback from some of their patients, the center has found a new tool to add to its repertoire: medical marijuana.

Mr. Gangemi said that medical marijuana can help anxious Lyme patients with sleep, and that topical creams with cannabis can help with pain management on sore or achy joints.

“It’s another tool to use,” he said.

Last night, Lyme Awareness along with Triple M and MedWell Health & Wellness, a Massachusetts-based group, was scheduled to hold an informational meeting at Mashpee TV.

MedWell, aside from providing state residents with medical marijuana cards, provides information about the benefits of medical marijuana. A medical card can allow patients to legally purchase marijuana from a medical dispensary. MedWell has offices across the state.

The use of medical marijuana to help Lyme patients is not a new concept, although it could be to the region.

A Denver-based physician, Dr. Daniel A. Kinderlehrer, said that he has seen the benefits first-hand.

He said that about three-quarters of his patients that try some form of cannabis have seen beneficial results.

“There’s an important destinction. Marijuana is not going to

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