Triple M, a medical marijuana company, is scheduled to open its Mashpee facility on Echo Road on April 5.

James Vaccaro, the supervisor of the Mashpee dispensary, said that the company will be excited to open the facility. The location will be open Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays from 10 to 5 PM.

“We’re excited. We’ve been working hard on this for five years now,” Mr. Vaccaro said. “We are happy that we can finally serve the public.”

The said the Echo Road facility would be the first on the Cape.

Mashpee will receive its product from a growing facility in the Plymouth Industrial Park where Triple M grows its product. The company opened a dispensary at the same location in early February.

The company, formerly Medical Marijuana of Massachusetts, planned to open the Mashpee facility soon after, but a small fire pushed the opening back to April.

The company faced unexpected delays early in the legal application process in 2014. Although the Department of Public Health first approved the company’s permit, the agency soon after changed its decision, to the surprise of company executives.

After a year in court, Triple M emerged with a judge’s favorable decision, this time to the surprise of Mashpee town officials.

The company has since received approval from multiple regulatory boards, built a small facility, and signed a host agreement with Mashpee that could net the town more than $100,000 for the next several years.

Through the agreement, Triple M has provided $20,000 in 2016, $40,000 last year, and $100,000 this year. The town will receive $100,000 with a 3 percent increase each year after.

Marijuana products currently for sale at the Plymouth facility

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