The tiny island nation of Malta has just become the fifth EU member state to announce that it is stepping into the “responsible cannabis use” ring. Namely because it is far too embarrassing at this point not to tackle a major problem on the island that isn’t going away. This is a situation that more and more jurisdictions find themselves in, from state markets in the U.S. to sovereign nations in Europe.

Indeed, the list so far of countries now in this corner includes (beyond Holland) Denmark, Luxembourg, and Switzerland. And not counting Portugal, of course, which has a famously laissez faire approach to the whole discussion. It is also worth mentioning Italy, where both medical use and personal growing (of up to three plants) is now allowed.

The final straw that broke the back of this debate locally was the arrest of a young couple in a local hotel over Valentine’s Day. The arrest for possession, as well as charges connected to drug trafficking, drew outrage across the country—including from the Home Affairs Minister and other politicians as well as locally known celebrities.

In response, the Prime

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