SOUTH KINGSTOWN, R.I. (WPRI) — When a South Kingstown mother hired a cleaning service, she thought she was asking all of the right questions.

“I said, ‘Did you have somebody new in there?'” she recalled. “The supervisor said, ‘yes.'”

“I said, ‘Ok. I don’t want new people in my house. I can’t meet them today,'” she added. “And [the supervisor] said, ‘I’ll go.'”

A few days later, the woman realized she was missing a pair of diamond earrings and a Rolex watch.

Target 12 agreed to conceal her identity because she says she’s fearful of the people who were in her home.

“I trusted them and that was a mistake,” she said. “It’s not like I go out and buy Rolexes. I work very hard.”

The watch was a symbol of the fifteenth anniversary of her career.

“It was special and I felt duped,” she said. 

She’s convinced the cleaning service is responsible.

According to court records and police reports obtained by Target 12, one of the cleaners who was in the home is currently facing multiple charges in two separate cases, including felony domestic violence and felony possession of stolen parts. He also has several misdemeanor convictions.

BCI Disclaimer Form “I have insurance. It’s not about the finances,” she said. “It’s about what if my 17-year-old did walk in when this man was putting a Rolex in his pants? He has domestic violence charges up and down here. That’s what bothered me the most, I think.” 

“It’s the sense of somebody violating you,” she added. “I don’t think you get over it.”

South Kingstown Police confirmed they are investigating the case. They haven’t made any arrests yet, so Target 12 is not naming the cleaner or the company he worked for.

But Target 12 reached the manager

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