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It’s time for Idaho to legalize pot. Prohibition may curtail but cannot eliminate an act it was designed to prevent. Why is that? Because, human nature is a stubborn customer. That does not mean that certain human behaviors do not warrant prohibition. They most certainly do. But, the moral legitimacy of a prohibition lies in its demonstrable efficacy and value in maintaining a civil society. Thus, we do not question prohibitions against homicide because both those elements are plainly evident. Marijuana prohibition lacks both demonstrable efficacy and civil benefit.

At the root of all the arguments favoring prohibition is the element of fear. Fear that children will be more likely to be introduced to marijuana. Fear that marijuana may be a gateway drug. Fear that a criminal class may invade one’s neighborhood. Fear that unsafe drivers will multiply on our highways. These are all valid, yet answerable, emotional responses.

At the root of anti-prohibition arguments is civil liberty. How does an adult’s choice to responsibly ingest marijuana put anyone else in peril? Does a person’s choice to

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