Boston got its fourth recreational pot dispensary this week — the first to open in the downtown area since recreational marijuana was legalized in 2016 — and a welcome addition to the Massachusetts cannabis scene. 

Ascend Wellness Holdings, which is located near North Station and TD Garden at 272 Friend St., is now the largest adult-use marijuana dispensary on the East Coast and joins the dozens of other already beloved cannabis retailers in the state. Other Boston-area pot shops include Pure Oasis in Dorchester, Berkshire Roots in East Boston, and Seed in Jamaica Plain. There are also 112 shops across the Commonwealth with customers so devoted that lines circled the block once COVID restrictions were relaxed last May.


Marijuana is legal for adults over the age of 21 in Massachusetts, and those who partake have a lot more options to choose from now than they did in 2018 when the first shop opened its doors for recreational use. 

We want to know which shop is your favorite? Are you partial to your neighborhood store or have a location two towns away that’s worth the drive? Do you experience shorter lines at one location or find that another has

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