CANNABIS CULTURE – How a broken neck hatched a CBD empire. 

“I discovered CBD because I was looking for a list of alternatives to taking pain meds as a spinal cord injury survivor,” says Matthew Gagne, founder of Flock Goods. Gagne had his life changed after a car accident in Dubai left him with a neck broken in ten places. 

In 2016 Gagne moved to San Diego, California and experimented with CBD and THC to manage his nerve and arthritic pain. “I still have stretch marks in my spinal cord,” says Gagne. “I was basically internally decapitated. So, I have a lot of nerve damage down both my arms and my hands, and [CBD] helped me tremendously.”

Gagne says nothing is a “cure-all” but as far as the studies backing it up in relation to pain relief from nerve damage, nothing really comes close, especially with substances that have little to no side effects. 

Before the accident, Gagne was a professional skydiver and says CBD will be a game changer for high impact sports like skydiving and wind tunnel flying. “It’s going to absolutely help for longevity. There’s a lot of discussion of the beneficial effects of CBD and brain

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