Border Buds, the proposed dispensary on the Colorado-New Mexico border, lost its bid for a La Plata County marijuana business license Tuesday.

The county’s Marijuana Licensing Authority, made up of the county’s three county commissioners, rejected the dispensary’s license application for a marijuana license after hearing county staff members’ concerns about the owners’ past compliance with the law.

“I tend to lean toward a preponderance of evidence. It’s not any one thing; it’s a whole series of brushes and misunderstandings,” said Clyde Church, county commissioner, in a meeting Tuesday. “It’s not personal. I have a concern.”

Border Buds was applying to be a retail marijuana store at 1929 U.S. Highway 550, about 2 miles north of the New Mexico border.

The owners, Joseph Calandra and Joseph Wojcik, received a state marijuana license, and in December, La Plata County commissioners voted unanimously to approve the land-use permit for the dispensary.

But during a routine application review, county staff members found issues in the backgrounds of both Border Buds owners. The La Plata County Sheriff’s Office and the Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division had also shared concerns about the applicants, according to staff.

Staff members said the owners didn’t meet the county’s requirements for criminal history, disclosure and

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