Appearing on a late-night talk show, Joe Kennedy III reveals his views on marijuana legalization. The Democratic congressman from Massachusetts was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Wednesday night. Turns out, his views are in opposition to his political party.

Kennedy and Cannabis

Joseph Patrick Kennedy III is an attorney and represents the 4th Congressional District of Massachusetts. He has served in Congress since 2013. He is the grandson of Senator Robert “Bobby” Kennedy and the great-nephew of President John F. Kennedy and Senator Ted Kennedy. His father, Joseph Kennedy II, also served as a congressman from Massachusetts.

During their conversation, Kimmel asked Kennedy about his views on the legalization of cannabis (yes, he actually used the word cannabis).

Kennedy prefaced his answer by acknowledging that his stance is a conservative one for his political party.

“I realize my views on this are not exactly in line with [other Democrats]. I think the part of the impact of when you talk about the law is to make sure that you get the border cases right,” Kennedy said.

To back up his ideas, Kennedy relied on predictable prohibitionist prattle such as fears of an increase in cannabis use by youth.

“I do have concerns about what an increase in availability of legal marijuana means for adolescents and what it means for folks who struggle with addiction and mental health,” he said.

But multiple studies have shown that teen use doesn’t increase significantly in states with legal pot. And other research has found that cannabis can actually help treat addiction to opiates. Also, doctors write fewer prescriptions for opioid painkillers in states with legal marijuana.

But Alcohol Is Just Fine

When Kimmel mentioned that the congressman’s objections to cannabis are also relevant to alcohol, Kennedy changed his tune.

“I don’t drink, but

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