As the June 26 primary election for Colorado governor draws closer, Congressman Jared Polis is ramping up efforts to reach a key demographic: cannabis users. The Democratic gubernatorial candidate, who held a thirteen-point lead over Cary Kennedy in a recent survey, held a canvassing event on Friday, June 8, instructing his supporters to visit dispensaries on South Broadway in hopes of gaining more steam.

Polis has been working to protect the state’s legal cannabis industry since Colorado legalized recreational marijuana, and put his Denver campaign headquarters on South Broadway, right before the street’s “green mile” concentration of dispensaries. That’s where he was when he said he wanted to give a “Colorado welcome” to Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who was in Denver to speak at the Western Conservative Summit.

“We’re doing an event here to highlight our concerns that Jeff Sessions causes for legal cannabis customers and medicinal marijuana users in our state,” Polis said. Although earlier that day President Donald Trump had said he would “probably” support the federal bill sponsored by Colorado Senator Cory Gardner and Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren that would protect state-legalized cannabis industries and users from federal persecution, Polis, a co-sponsor of the bill, thinks that Coloradans should still be concerned about federal interference.

Jared Polis put his Denver headquarters right before Broadway’s “green mile.”

Thomas Mitchell

“This president is notoriously unpredictable. I think it’s important that Congress has its say,” he said. “I look forward to working with my Republican and Democratic colleagues to get it done.”

Polis noted that Trump did recently sign a bill that protects state-compliant medical marijuana users from federal prosecution, but said the president didn’t do enough to stand up to Sessions after the AG revoked the Cole Memorandum and nine years’ worth of other federal guidelines

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