EASTHAMPTON — The Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission will start accepting license applications today, and the recently-opened INSA marijuana dispensary at 122 Pleasant St. plans to be among the first in line to sell recreational, adult-use cannabis products.

INSA, once known as Hampden Care Facility, opened with fanfare in February, launching a medical marijuana retail shop and state-of-the-art cultivation facility at the Keystone Mill.

Representatives from the company held a community outreach meeting Friday where they described plans to add recreational cannabis to their medical product line.

CEO Mark Zatyrka and his staff, including operations director Ian Kelly, talked about their plans for safety and security, contributing to the community, and being a “good neighbor.” The group’s lawyer, Springfield attorney Stephen M. Reilly, Jr., sat quietly to one side.

Zatryka said INSA does not plan a new or different retail space, or to expand its approximate 22,000-square-foot growing facility. The recreational inventory will be separated from the medical sales, but the same store entrance will be used by both patient groups.

As for loss or diversion, he said INSA tracks each of its plants and would know quickly if inventory was missing. Employees must wear certain clothing to make pocketing the product difficult.

“We have more video cameras than a supermax prison,” said Zatryka. “We take diversion very seriously.”

Zatyrka and Kelly talked about jobs, plans to donate to local charities, “parking lot sweeps” to prevent loitering; odor and noise control technologies, “go green initiatives,” and local tax payments.

“We will try to be the best neighbor we can,” he said.

Parking could be an issue; new Planning Board permit needed

Remarks from INSA representatives about “ample public parking” for up to 50 cars — and the potential for anywhere from 300 to 1,200 customers — drew blunt commentary from William Bundy, owner of

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