WARWICK – The masonry and metal building off Jefferson Boulevard could be any sort of facility for light assembly or fabricating – the exterior offers few clues.

The first hint of what happens here comes in the lobby, where a faint whiff hangs in the air that is both sweetly pungent and vaguely skunky. It might look like you’ve just walked into the dry cleaners or a health clinic, but no – your nose isn’t playing tricks on you – it’s the unmistakable scent of marijuana.

Welcome to Mammoth Inc., a state-licensed facility for growing medical marijuana on a commercial scale.

Just don’t call it a pot farm.

Within Mammoth’s nondescript walls, Founder and CEO Spencer Blier oversees a sophisticated, hydroponic system of selective plant culture that’s equal parts science, craft and for-profit business. Pot-farming is far too simplistic a term to describe the endeavors of Blier and his tiny staff – they’re like high-tech Johnny Appleseeds, using facilities that look more like a research lab than a field row as they strive to isolate specific psychoactive properties – from speedy to sleepy – in known strains of cannabis.

“I think this is the future of growing,” says Blier, proudly cradling the leaf of a plant that’s just few weeks old. “Look at how green it is. It doesn’t get any greener than that.”

Mammoth is one of 28 facilities that have been licensed by the Department of Business Regulation to cultivate medical marijuana for state-licensed dispensaries, or “compassion centers.” No community has been more welcoming of the cultivation businesses than Warwick, which hosts more than a third of all those licensed by the DBR since January 2017.

“The city of Warwick was very pro-marijuana,” says Blier. “I felt very supported by the city.”

Mammoth Inc., now represents a $1.

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